Farm to Fork Plates, Organic Wines & Cocktails

Closed during lockdown

Experience the best of Kilkenny's Local Food Producers

***Statham's Sit-In & Takeaway is closed during lockdown***

We have listened, explored, tasted, debated and carefully chosen some sensational food for you. We seek out quality producers, locally in Kilkenny and Ireland, all of whom we trust and are proud to support. We hope that you enjoy. 

Whether you are having a family ‘do’, a business meeting, a gathering with friends, brunch, lunch or an evening meal; every single item across our menus has been chosen with your best experience in mind. 

Sharing, meeting, chatting, caring; in this new reality that we are all adapting to, one thing has not changed. Being hospitable is something we excel at. Bringing our customers the very best food experience has always been at the heart of what we do. Click here to find out how we are keeping you safe.


Named after the iconic Statham-Ford Special racing car, Statham's by Pembroke Kilkenny pays tribute to the Statham's Garage which designed and built this award-winning car on the site where we now stand.

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