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Pembroke Kilkenny has always been recognised for its cleanliness and lean luxury, excelling in what you want from a City Centre Boutique hotel. Our brilliant housekeeping team have consistently achieved the cleanest hotel ratings in the city for years, and it is timely to put it all together to bring you - cLean Luxury.

We completely redesigned everything for a new era with new technology, ensuring that our character as a boutique hotel is as strong as ever! We have made improvements behind-the-scenes, allowing our team to be unburdened by “bolt-on” procedures, and energised to deliver a memorable experience with your safety assured. Our Health & Safety and Hygienic partners Seachange supported us to ensure that these aspects are embedded in our business, with their systems delivering efficient and robust control.

We’re committed to the best of technology in managing your experience from booking to arrival to departure. We are pleased to confirm that we have completed Fáilte Ireland’s Infection Prevention Control for Tourism Businesses, which certifies that all employees have undergone comprehensive COVID-19 hygiene and safety control training in accordance with Fáilte Ireland’s COVID-19 Safety Charter Terms and Conditions. Read the full details below!

 Please ensure that you are following Irish government guidelines with regard to international travel.


  • Reservations and Check-In

    We eliminated queuing and touchpoints with the best technological solutions available. Keep an eye on your inbox for your 'Pre-Arrival' email which will allow you to register all guests online, and to receive your room key directly to your smartphone.

    Smartphones and technology are not for everybody, so traditional check-in and out with sanitised protocols is available too.

  • Food and Beverage

    Farm to fork ingredients, from trusted local suppliers, is the key.

    We loved our breakfast buffet, but had concerns about them too, so we’ve put the best of the continental selection together for you. Our waitstaff will take your order at your table for a freshly cooked hot dish. 

    You can effortlessly order food, drinks via the QR code in Statham's dining areas or on your in-room welcome letter. We're here to help too!

    Find out more about Statham's

  • Convenience and Safety

    The Pembroke layout was founded on 20 years of delivering hotel projects by our owner, so we have a brilliant design with easy circulation and minimal corridors. Building on this we have improvements including automated doors and sensor taps. Innovative use of proven technologies means contactless public access, including lifts and simple elbow-operated toilet doors.

    We expanded our bar and dining areas, so that you have the distancing you would like, and our well-ventilated spaces with high ceilings now have even more natural ventilation.

    When it comes to dealing with Covid 19, we are all in it together, so we appeal for your consideration for others, particularly:

    Social Distancing: We have plenty of space, so please consider others who may be anxious.

    Lifts: For a boutique hotel we are well provided for with 2 lifts, so please respect that others may wish to be alone in the lift and call another. Lifts have been reprogrammed to take you to your floor without responding to other landing calls for your comfort.

    Stairs: Our stairs are wide, but the landings are wider, so yielding to somebody coming up and waiting on landings is a lovely courtesy.

    Awareness: Avoid waiting at key circulation points and use the space to make way for others, by keeping to the side

    For our part:

    Ventilation and Airconditioning: We have increased natural ventilation and intensified maintenance and cleaning, to ensure everything is working well. Bedroom air conditioning uses only direct natural ventilation in each room and openable windows put you in control. See installation video below and click to find out how we increased ventilation.

    Sensor taps in toilets and hand sanitisers throughout allows everybody to follow the simple, but critical, advice on hygiene.

    Staff have sensor-controlled hand washing in multiple locations, as our handwashing regime is well established and now intensified with close monitoring. 

    Bedrooms now have new hygienic headboards, with a great look. Prior to arrival, your room will have been deep cleaned/sanitised and signed off by our supervisors. We will not enter your room again, except to deal with a specific request and in accordance with procedures.

    Cleaning: Rated Kilkenny’s cleanest hotel for years, our support for and trust in our housekeeping team is vital, using hospital-grade products from trusted suppliers.

    Public Areas Cleaning: Dedicated staff clean and sanitise throughout.

    Training: All employees have comprehensive training on Covid-19 safety and hygiene protocols on an ongoing basis. PPE is worn based on job-specific risk assessments.

    Dining & Drinks: Reserve, view menus and place your order online, avoiding queues and enhancing your experience. If you prefer, we are here to make a reservation, provide menus and take your order.

    Expectations of guests: Our house rules are to protect the safety and experiences of our guests, with common sense protocols. 


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