Pembroke Kilkenny

Ventilation is Key

At Pembroke Kilkenny hotel, we have always put a huge emphasis on cleanliness and ventilation, earning us very high cleanliness ratings from our guests. Since the arrival of airborne virus Covid-19, we have really ramped up our efforts to keep our staff and customers minds at ease (read more here). We recently made further refurbishments and improvements to the entire property to ensure your comfort and safety.

Thinking ahead to colder winter months when the doors are closed, we don’t want guests to feel cold or to be in an environment with lower levels of ventilation in order to keep the heat in. In order to combat this, while keeping us all safe, we have installed new Heat Recovery & Ventilation units throughout the bar, restaurant and event areas. Watch the video of the installation at the end of this blog post.

What does the Heat Recovery & Ventilation Unit do?

Simply, the unit increases the fresh air flow by bringing in a very high level of fresh air from outside.

The unit is equipped with an air-to-air heat exchanger which recovers heat that would be otherwise wasted. This ensures a high level of fresh air is circulating without compromising on temperature.

How does it work?

Located in the ceiling space (work which we were able to carry out while we were closed this year), the system works by drawing air from outside while simultaneously extracting stale air from inside. The heat from the warm air being extracted is drawn to the cooler air being pumped in, without any mixing of air or cross-contamination. Heat recovery ventilation works independently of our normal heating system. CO2 sensors control the airflow in the room automatically, if required.

What are the benefits?

The fresher the air in a building, the less bacteria and virus particles are spread from person to person, which lowers your risk of contracting sicknesses including Covid-19. Ventilation helps to rid the air of moisture, smoke, odours, and other indoor pollutants.

Fresh air ventilating also means less condensation, less damp air and fewer dust particles settling on surfaces. Damp conditions and condensation can also cause health issues, such as allergic reactions and respiratory problems for many people. Temperature control means the air in our hotel is regulated at all times so our staff and guests are as comfortable as possible.

What about the environment?

The system has an 80% heat recovery rate, and the energy-efficient technology uses no more energy or resources than it needs to. Automatically monitored ventilation helps control the airflow while operating at the recommended health and safety levels, based on CO2 sensors. The heat recovery units do not mix the air but has plates for heat exchange and recovery.

Without this heat recovery technology high levels of ventilation in extremes of weather temperatures are not practical, economically viable or environmentally friendly.

What next?

The safety of our guests and staff is our highest priority in Pembroke Kilkenny hotel. Our staff have a safer and controlled working environment. For guests, the unit fosters a comfortable and well ventilated space to truly relax. With the introduction of the new system, we are confident this is a step in the right direction, keeping us all safe by increasing airflow throughout the hotel.

Thank you to AMP Wexford and Noel Lawler Consulting Engineers, Kilkenny for their assistance with this project.

Book your stay in our Kilkenny city centre hotel with peace of mind here on our official website or by contacting our friendly team. We look forward to welcoming you with a reassurance of your safety and comfort.