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Three Sisters 2020

The three neighbouring counties of Kilkenny, Waterford & Wexford have come together to campaign as one region, known as the Three Sisters 2020, in a bid to win the title of European Capital of Culture for Ireland in 2020. The Three Sisters 2020 name is inspired by the three sister rivers that collectively drain out the South-East region of Ireland; Barrow (Wexford), Nore (Kilkenny) and the Suir (Waterford).

Since it’s inception in 1985 Ireland has hosted the European Capital of Culture on two occasions; Dublin (1991) and Cork (2005). Hosting the European Capital of Culture inspires significant opportunities for a city/region to generate  cultural, social and economical benefits helping to foster urban re-generation and local industry. It also help’s to promote a city/region’s image and raise it’s viability & profile on an international scale.The successful candidate will organise and host a cultural program for the year 2020 that celebrates the creative, cultural & artistic identity of its people through a unique European dimension that promotes cultural richness and diversity.

Pembroke Kilkenny Support the Three Sisters 2020 Bid for European Capital of Culture.